403.2 - Employee Injury on the Job


When an employee becomes seriously injured on the job, the principal, direct supervisor or superintendent needs to be notified immediately.  Injuries thought to be emergent should be taken to the nearest emergency medical treatment center for medical management.  The employee’s supervisor will attempt to notify a member of the family, or an individual of close relationship, as soon as the employee’s supervisor becomes aware of the injury.

It will be the responsibility of the supervisor or principal of the injured employee to inform the superintendent within twenty-four hours of the occurrence.  It will be the responsibility of the employee's immediate supervisor to file an accident report within twenty-four hours after the employee reported the injury and provide a copy to the administration office.

If continuous medical follow up is needed, this follow up will be performed by a workman compensation medical provider as designated by the district.

It will be the responsibility of the employee to file claims, such as workers' compensation, through the board secretary.



Legal Reference:          Iowa Code §§ 85; 279.40; 613.17 (2003).

                                    1972 Op. Att'y Gen. 177.


Cross Reference:          403      Employees' Health and Well-Being

                                    409.2   Licensed Employee Personal Illness Leave

                                    414.2   Classified Employee Personal Illness Leave

                                    804.3   First Aid



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